Ablative procedures most effective for acne scarring nyc new york ny

The best approach for treating acne scars is an ablative procedure (one that will remove skin tissue) that will target the dermal layer of the skin. Both laser treatments and chemical peels can offer this result.
For appropriate candidates, I would recommend CO2 laser as the most effective treatment option. CO2 lasers have been used to treat the skin for more than twenty years, and have earned their reputation as the “gold standard” for acne scar revision and facial rejuvenation.
Today, CO2 lasers are generally performed in a “fractionated” mode, which means that they are only removing small columns of the skin, leaving a large percentage intact. This method of performing the procedure greatly improves patient safety and significantly reduces downtime, while providing great results. The CO2 laser is able to reach the dermis of the skin, where collagen is produced. By depositing a controlled amount of heat into this layer of skin, it stimulates the skin to repair and produce new collagen, and “remodel” the scar tissue. For deeper scars, is may be preferable to use the laser in a “non-fractionated” mode, or to spot treat scarred regions with a high strength TCA peel.
TCA peels, or other peeling agents that can be performed to reach the dermis, are also a good option for those who are not appropriate candidates for laser treatment. There are many types of laser technologies on the market, and lots of marketing dollars to back them. Some non-ablative lasers claim to treat acne scars, but I would do my research before investing in them. While some may offer improvement, and some may be better than others, most research still shows that the “tried and true” ablative procedures provide superior results. These procedures can be performed safely by a qualified practitioner, and may offer a better return on your investment.